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Proposal Request Form

Our Proposal Request Form is available online—on a secure connection—for your convenience. You can easily fill out the form below. However, if you are more comfortable with downloading the Proposal Request Form in PDF format and submitting by fax, please feel free do so by clicking here. Our fax number is 407-875-0189.

    Business Name
    Street Address
    City, State & ZIP Code
    Phone Cell Fax
    Authorized Contact Person
    Preferred method of communication during planning process OfficeCellEmailText
    CPA CPA Phone CPA Email
    Advisor Advisor Phone Advisor Email
    Type of Entity
    Nature of Business
    Business Commence Date
    Employer Identification # Business Code(6 digit NAICS#)
    Is your business taxed on a calendar year? YesNo

    If no, Fiscal Year
    Is there currently a plan in place?(Includes SEP or SIMPLE plans) YesNo
    Are there any shared, leased, union, or 1099 employees? YesNo
    Business affiliated with any other businesses? YesNo
    Any other businesses owned by the owner/spouse of this business? YesNo
    Desired Contribution:
    First Name Last Name Date
    of Birth
    of Hire
    Ownership % or Family Relationship to owner, if any Job Title Annual Hours
    (if <1000)
    Completed By
    Date Completed
    Email address